24th March 1979

(operating special)

DMU Used 2-car

Route :

DMU Route (1)
as listed Doncaster - Potteric Carr Jn - Low Ellers Curve Jn - Maltby Colliery Branch Jn - Maltby Colliery
as listed Maltby Colliery - Maltby Colliery Branch Jn
as listed Maltby Colliery Branch Jn - Brancliffe Jn - Worksop - Retofrd LL - Clarborough Jn - West Burton PS West Reception Line - Dust Hopper Line E - Departure Line - Gainsborough - Barnetby
as listed Barnetby - Foreign Ore Branch Jn - Santon Foreign Ore Terminal
as listed Santon Foreign Ore Terminal - Foreign Ore Branch Jn - Scunthorpe Goods Lines - Stainforth & Hatfield - Doncaster

David Sheppard comments : This was an "in house" railtour run by British Rail, Doncaster for their trainees and invited guests. The motive power was a 2-car DMU. The purpose was to view the bulk freight handling facilities in the area, specifically see a merry-go-round train loading at Maltby Colliery then the same train unloading on the circuit at West Burton Power station and view the Santon Foreign Ore Terminal at Scunthorpe. A written itinerary was provided but no detailed route/timing sheet. The tour traversed the South Yorkshire Joint line which at the time was barred to any public railtour.

Source : David Sheppard (on the train throughout)

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