20th January 1979

D.A.A. + D.E.G.
The Electro Diesel Grice

Locos Used 73106 & 73110
Stock Used 4TC'S 409/425 + S1872

Route :

Loco Route
73106 London Bridge - Greenwich - Dartford - Strood - Maidstone West
73106 Maidstone West - Strood - Rochester
73106 Rochester - Swanley - Beckenham Junction - New Beckenham - Catford Bridge - Ladywell Jn - St John's - New Cross - North Kent East Jn - London Bridge - Charing Cross
73106 Charing Cross - London Bridge - Blackfriars
73106 Blackfriars - London Bridge - Tanners Hill Jn - Lewisham Vale Jn - Lewisham - Blackheath - Crayford Spur A - Craford Spur B Jn - Sidcup - Lee - Bromley North
73106 Bromley North - Parks Bridge Jn - New Cross
73106 New Cross - Elmers End - Hayes
73106 Hayes - Elmers End - Addiscombe
73106 Addiscombe - Elmers End - Lewisham - London Bridge
73106 London Bridge - New Cross Gate
73106 New Cross Gate - Bricklayers Arms (Dunton Road Bridge) (2)
73106 Bricklayers Arms (Dunton Road Bridge) - New Cross Gate - Forest Hill [DFL]- Norwood Junction - East Croydon - Purley - Tattenham Corner
73106 Tattenham Corner - Purley
73106 Purley - Caterham
73106 Caterham - Purley - East Croydon - Norwood Junction
73110 Norwood Junction - Selhurst
73110 Selhurst - (via Down Selhurst emergency cpur) - West Croydon - Sutton

Sutton - Mitcham Junction - Wimbledon - Tooting - Streatham South Jn - (via Streatham fast line spur) - Streatham orth Jn - Balham - Clapham Junction - Longhedge Jn - Stewarts Lane

73110 Stewarts Lane - Longhedge Jn
73110 Longhedge Jn - Factory Jn - Herne Hill - Mitcham Junction - Sutton - Epsom - Leatherhead - Bookham - Effingham Junction (2)
73110 Effingham Junction - Oxshott - Surbiton
73110 Surbiton - Hampton Court
73110 Hampton Court - Surbiton - Raynes Park - Wimbledon - East Putney (up line flyover) - Clapham Junction - London Waterloo

Notes :
(1) The following report was published in LIVE RAIL, magazine of the Southern Electric Group, March 1979 issue;
The train was booked to leave Clapham Yard for London Bridge at 0733.  However, the guard did not appear and departure was delayed until 0926.  The empty stock was booked to run via Victoria in order to pick up buffet stores, but due to lateness it went directly to London Bridge via Herne Hill.  Departure from London Bridge, scheduled for 0900, did not take place until 1025 and the first part of the route, via Streatham Hill, Longhedge Junction, the Canterbury Road curve and Blackfriars, had to be omitted as an engineer’s possession had been taken at Loughborough Junction.  The subsequent section of the tour, via Greenwich, Maidstone West and New Beckenham, was worked as scheduled, but after return to London Bridge the train continued to Charing Cross in order to water the buffet.  Upon return to London Bridge there was an impromptu visit to Blackfriars, after which the tour continued as booked to Bromley North via the Crayford and Lee spurs.  Instead of returning to London Bridge again, the train reversed at New Cross and then visited the Hayes and Addiscombe branches.  The tour was then supposed to run to North Kent West Junction, but due to a points failure it had to return to London Bridge again.  The Caterham and Tattenham Corner branches were visited and the locomotive changed at Norwood Junction.  73110 was substituted for 73106, but the tour organiser had to do the coupling himself as the guard refused to.  Due to late running the trip over the Epsom Downs branch was cancelled and the tour reversed at Sutton instead.  It then proceeded to Longhedge Junction, by way of Mitcham and Wimbledon, where there was much shunting about in order to cover all of the new connections.  However, as it had long been dark it is not certain that many of the passengers appreciated what was going on.  The tour then made its way to Effingham Junction via Tulse Hill and reversed there instead of continuing to Guildford.  It managed to finish as scheduled, via Surbiton and Hampton Court, to end up at Waterloo at 2300.
(2) Andrew Pullar comments: According to the itinerary the reversal point at Bricklayers Arms was further than other trips had reached before. "We are scheduled to continue over the branch as far as Dunton Road bridge, which will be quite an achievement as recent previous tours have not gone beyond the previous bridge at St. James Road, some third of a mile less far. We should therefore reach almost to the point where the lines divide to enter the deport sidings themselves". I do remember thinking the trip got further than the other tour down the branch I had previously caught so believe that Dunton Road was reached. What I don't recall was the faffing around at Longhedge Jn. alluded to on the web page. I would love more detail on that bit.

A tour ticket, courtesy of Brian Halford.

Sources : Ken Baldwin, Stew Robertson, John Clifford, Greg Beecroft & Andrew Pullar

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Clive Barlow)

Location Booked
London Bridge 09.00d
Peckham Rye 09/06
Tulse Hill 09/11
Streatham Hill 09/15
Balham Jn 09/17½ [SL]
Clapham Junction 09.21a ~ 09.22d
Pouparts Jn 09/23½
Longhedge Jn 09/25
Factory Jn 09/28
Brixton 09/32
Loughborough Junction 09/37
Blackfriars (carriage road) 09.45a ~ 09.55d
Metropolitan Jn 10/03
London Bridge 10.05a ~ 10.08d
Spa Road 10/10½
North Kent East Jn 10/12½
Greenwich 10/14½
Charlton 10/20½
Woolwich Arsenal 10/25
Crayford Creek Jn 10/38
Dartford Jn 10/40
Dartford 10.41a ~ 10.42d
Gravesend 10/51½
Strood 11/01
Maidstone West 11.17a ~ 11.27d
Strood 11.44a ~ 11.52d
Rochester 11.56a ~ 12.05d
Rochester Bridge Jn 12/07
Sole Street 12/17
Swanley 12/27 [FL]
Bickley Jn 12/32½
Shortlands Jn 12/36
Beckenham Junction 12.38a ~ 12.39d
New Beckenham 12/41
Ladywell Loop 12/47
New Cross 12/49½
North Kent East Jn 12/50
Spa Road 12/52
London Bridge C 12.54a ~ 13.13d
Spa Road 13/15½
North Kent East Jn 13/17½
New Cross 13.18½a ~ 13.22d [FL]
Lewisham 13/27
Blackheath 13/29
Falconwood 13/35½
Crayford Creek Jn 13/41½
Crayford Spur 'A' 13/43½
Crayford Spur 'B' 13/48
Sidcup 13/55
Lee Jn 14/01
Hither Green Sidings 14/07
Signal L313 14*10a ~ 14*17d
Grove Park 14/18
Bromley North 14.22a ~ 14.33d
Grove Park 14.37a ~ 14.41d
Hither Green 14/44
Parks Bridge Jn 14/45
New Cross 14/47
North Kent East Jn 14/47½
Spa Road 14/49½
London Bridge C 14.52a ~ 15.00d
Spa Road 15/03
North Kent East Jn 15/05
New Cross 15/06½
Lewisham 15/08½
Catford Bridge 15/11½
Elmers End 15/16
Hayes 15.22a ~ 15.30d
Elmers End 15.36a ~ 15.45d
Addiscombe 15.49a ~ 15.59d
Elmers End 16/03
Lewisham 16/16
New Cross 16/19
North Kent East Jn 16/21
North Kent West Jn 16/26
Bricklayers Arms 16.31a ~ 16.38d
North Kent West Jn 16.43a ~ 16.44d
Bricklayers Arms Jn 16/49 [FL]
Forest Hill 16/54
Windmill Bridge Jn 16/59
Purley 17.04a ~ 17.10d
Chipstead 17.18a ~ 17.21d
Tattenham Corner 17.30a ~ 17.44d
Chipstead 17/54
Purley 18.03a ~ 18.10d
Caterham 18.18a ~ 18.28d
Purley 18/36
South Croydon 18/40 [SL]
East Croydon 18/42 [SL]
Windmill Bridge Jn 18/44
Norwood Junction 18.48a ~ 19.00d
Selhurst 19.03a ~ 19.09d
West Croydon 19/12
Sutton 19/19
Epsom Downs 19.27a ~ 19.33d
Sutton 19/40
Mitcham Junction 19/45
Mitcham 19/47
Merton Park 19/52
Wimbledon 19.54a ~ 19.55d
Streatham Jn 20/01 [FL]
Balham Jn 20/03½
Clapham Junction 20.08a ~ 20.21d
Balham Jn 20/25½
Streatham Jn 20/28½
Mitcham Junction 20/33
Sutton 20/39
Epsom 20.45a ~ 20.50d
Leatherhead 20/57
Effingham Junction 21.10a ~ 21.1d
Guildford 21.27a ~ 21.35d
Effingham Junction 21/47
Surbiton 21.59a ~ 22.15d
Hampton Court 22.20a ~ 22.28d
Surbiton 22/33 [FL]
Wimbledon 22/40
East Putney 22/46
Point Pleasant Jn 22/49 [SL]
Clapham Junction 22/53
Waterloo 23.00a

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