28th October 1978

L.N.E.R. Society Rail Tours
The Midland Cumbrian

Locos Used 45103 & 86021

Route :

Loco Route
45103 London St Pancras - (via MML) - Wigston South Jn - Hinckley - Nuneaton
86021 Nuneaton - (via WCML) - Carnforth
86021 Carnforth - (via WCML) - Nuneaton
45103 Nuneaton - (reverse of outward route)- London St Pancras

Notes :
(1) Gary Thornton comments: I joined and left this tour at Wellingborough and travelled on "option 3". I assume it started at St Pancras but I cannot remember if it went on from Carnforth with passengers (to Carlisle perhaps?). Confirmation from anyone who knows would be appreciated! We detrained to visit the railway museum there, then were taken by bus to Blackpool for a short stay including a circular tour of the tram system. The buses returned us to Carnforth where we rejoined the tour.
(2) Can anyone confirm details of the trams used and route taken on the Blackpool tramway?

One of Gary Thornton's tour tickets.

Source : Gary Thornton (joined/left train at Wellingborough)

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