30th September 1978

L.C.G.B. (North West Branch)
Ayrshire & Galloway Rail Tour

Locos Used 40171, 40191, 84002 & 84003

Route :

Loco(s) Route
84002 Crewe - (via WCML) - Winwick Jn - Earlstown - Newton-le-Willows Jn - Lowton Jn - Golborne Jn - (via WCML) - Carlisle
40171 + 40191 Carlisle - Dumfries - Mauchline - Kilmarnock - Barassie Jn - (via Troon avoiding line) - Lochgreen Jn - Ayr - Barrhill - Stranraer
40171 + 40191 Stranraer - Barrhill - Ayr - Lochgreen Jn - Troon - Barrasie Jn - Dalry - Elderslie (2) - Paisley Gilmour Street - (2) Shield Jn - Glasgow Central
84003 Glasgow Central - (via WCML) - Gretna Jn - (reverse of outward route) - Crewe

Notes :
(1) Jeremy Hartill comments: 84002 gave us a typical 90mph 84 run north, with a minimum of 70mph on Shap. It could not even manage more than 90 dropping down into Carlisle from Penrith. Leaving Carlisle there was a stop before Gretna Jn to sort an AWS fault on 40191. The return behind 84003 was another 90mph run but not a bad one, Glasgow to Carlisle took 82m 42s instead of the 105 min booked 74.1 mph average.
(2) Was booked via Paisley Canal.

Sources : David Hills (joined/left the train at Crewe) & Jeremy Hartill

Tour Review

With the writing on the wall for the North British built Class 84's, the chance to notch up some considerable mileage behind them, throw in a pair of Class 40's over some Scottish trackage that was not well covered by me, was quickly seized, the check was in the mail with the booking form before we even knew if there was money in the bank account. The day dawned promising, or so we were led to believe as it was pitch black when we left Derby in the venerable Hillman Hunter for the dash west along the A50 through Stoke and into Crewe.

The large mass of muddy brown water that was impersonating a car park near Crewe Station revealed possibly a wet day ahead though streaks of sun were to be seen if one looked carefully into the overcast. Three pairs of wet feet located the correct platform with its attendant rake of Mark 1's and the obligatory 84002 on the front. The locomotive had obviously seen a paintbrush recently and with all the recent liquid sunshine the paintwork fairly glistened. The thrash up the WCML was standard treatment for the first leg of the tour. By the time we had reached Preston an example of each class of WCML electric had been noted thus: 81010 (Preston), 82004 (Preston), 83009 (Crewe), 85009 (Crewe), 86024 (Warrington) & 87101 (Wigan). The diesels were also well represented with a fine selection of Classes 25 & 40 to choose from.

At Carlisle where the weather had broken up a little the electric was replaced in favour of 40171 & 40191 for the jaunt round south-west Scotland. Classic traction in the station was 25046, 37079, 40037, 81002 with a similar mix noted at Kingmoor. Leaving the WCML for the Glasgow & South Western route brought the corresponding reduction in sightings with only 08419, 25104 & 25244 noted at Dumfries. In the face of an increasing sou'wester the train swung towards Ayr under darkening storm clouds. Amongst the sea of DMU's here were some fine McDiesels: 20106, 20206, 27025/044. Further south vague memories exist of a photo stop, no doubt at the height of the gale. The run down to Stranraer found the harbour filled with considerable swells and black scudding clouds racing across the sky. For those that stayed on the train an added bonus was haulage from 25021 which was used to release the Type 4's. With the power re-attached it was throttles a-weigh as we headed back to Ayr and onto the afternoon delights of Glasgow Central. With a good break here the opportunity was taken to capture some of the local traction on film, made somewhat easier by the much sunnier weather here. Amidst the sea of multiple units the only diesel of note was 20222. Departure time brought the sight of a clean 84003 backing on to the stock for the run up to Crewe.

The return trip was without incident, 84003 performing well, numbers in the book reflecting little unusual activity apart from bankers 20085, 20137 & 20212 at Beattock.

Source : David Hills (On train from/to Crewe)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Jeremy Hartill)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Crewe 07.23d 22.51a
Hartford ??.??a ~ 07.36d 22.36a ~ ??.??d
Warrington Bank Quay ??.??a ? 07.47d 22.22a ~ ??.??d
Earlstown ??.??a ~ 07.55d 22.14a ~ ??.??d
Wigan North Western ??.??a ~ 08.08d 21.50a ~ ??.??d
Preston ??.??a ~ 08.23d 21.32a ~ ??.??d
Lancaster ??.??a ~ 08.45d 21.09a ~ ??.??d
Penrith ??.??a ~ 09.30d 20.27a ~ ??.??d
Carlisle ??L??a ~ 09L59d 20.05a ~ 20.07d
Gretna Jn 10/09 19/57


Location Booked
Annan 10/22
Dumfries 10/40
Thornhill 10/56
Sanquhar 11/10
New Cumnock 11/21
Mauchline 11/32
Kilmarnock 11/41
Barassie 11/54
Ayr 12.04a ~ 12.06d
Girvan 12p33a ~ 12p40d
Pinwherry 12/57
Barrhill 13/06
Glenwhilly 13/20
Stranraer 13.43a ~ 14.45d
Glenwhilly 15/13
Barrhill 15/27
Pinwherry 15/33
Girvan 15.50a ~ 15.58d
Ayr 16.28a ~ 16.33d
Barassie 16/43
Dalry 16/56
Elderslie 17/14
Paisley Canal 17/20
Shield Jn 17/28
Glasgow Central 18.20a ~ 18.35d
Motherwell 18/35
Carstairs 18/58
Beattock Summit 19/18
Beattock 19/19
Lockerbie 19/39

Timings continue in first table.

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