9th September 1978

(Day Excursion)

Locos Used 47181 & 47369

Route :

Loco Route
47369 Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds, Skipton, Appleby, Carlisle, Beattock, Carstairs, Edinburgh
47181 Edinburgh, Carstairs, Carlisle, Skipton, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham

Notes :
After the excitement of our previous trip to Aberdeen, this excursion to Edinburgh seemed like a stroll in the park. A connecting dmu was provided for Burton, Derby & Long Eaton passengers to connect with the main train at Nottingham. Amidst the usual Peaks at Derby were 31209, 40100, 56019/044 with 49004 and Eastern Region EMU 204 at the Research Department. Toton had graciously provided us with one of their no-heat 47's for the joys of this trip. And we were scheduled over the Settle & Carlisle meaning a longer trip time, though this day a good quantity of locomotives were noted. First up 'in the book' were 20077 & 20143 at Hasland and 37136 at Chesterfield. Passing through Sheffield Midland 25215, 37067 & 37168 were noted, with the regular bunch of Tinsley shunters seen on the way to Rotherham. The approaches to Leeds saw 40126 at Hunslet and 31409, 40040, 45020 & 46011 at Holbeck. The weather remained good as we turned north through Skipton, 25113 & 25103 parked in the station, on through Settle and up into the limestone scenery and magnificent views so associated with the Settle & Carlisle. As usual traffic was sparse, only 25322 noted in the sidings at Appleby.

After a crew change at Carlisle it was on past Kingmoor where 40003/011/023/026/030/075, 40121 were prominent amongst may other types. Beattock had 20124 & 20202 available for banking though our excursion roared through in complete defiance, with 47369 getting a high speed day off from its lowly MGR turns.

For some reason now lost in time there were no depot visits made this day, our arrival at Edinburgh saw only an out & back trip made to Glasgow Queen Street, using 27201 & 27103 outwards and 27108 & 27111 for the return journey. In passing Haymarket 55014 & 55022 were noted alongside 26028 amongst the regular Class 40 & 47's. Passing Eastfield and at Queen Street 27005/007/009/018/020/034/039 went 'in the book'. Back at Edinburgh 26031 & 26032 were noted on an Inverness service whilst 26045 was hiding in the station. In checking my photographs it appears there might be a reason for not visiting the depots, considerable time was spent photographing the push/pull services from the gardens just west of Waverley station. The day had been fine and clear, great for photography, but indicating a chilly night ahead, thoughts of good old 47369 for the next six hours & then a DMU back to Derby did not sound appealing.

However all was not lost for several excursions had come to Edinburgh this day and our return stock was brought in by 47181, which as best as we could gather had arrived earlier in the day with an excursion from Gloucester. With steam heat crackling through the pipes our spirits picked up and off came the Arctic polar gear. We would like to think that Haymarket had sent 47369 out on some freight duty in the certain knowledge that they had a spare boilered locomotive to get the invading sassenachs home without freezing to death. For this we truly thank them, but if the Gloucester excursionists had the misfortune to go home with 47369, well you have our heartfelt condolences.

Little was noted on the return trip, just one entry, 40196 at Skipton. Perhaps the pleasant comfortable warmth, the motion of the coach and the security of knowing that tonight we were not going to freeze, quickly sent us all off to peaceful slumbers.

Source : David Hills (On train to/from Derby)

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