1st July 1978

(Rosyth Dockyard Open Day Shuttle)

DMU Used 51801+51518+51534+59564+51460+50143+59302+51244

Route :

DMU Route
as listed 13.05 Edinburgh Waverley - Haymarket - Forth Bridge - Inverkeithing (3)
as listed Inverkeithing (3) - Rosyth Dockyard Halt
as listed ? Rosyth Dockyard Halt - Inverkeithing ? (2)
as listed ? Inverkeithing - (reverse of outward route) - Edinburgh Waverley ? (2)

Notes :
(1) Andy Pullar comments: "I think that this train was run in connection with the Dockyard Open Day. I remember catchng the train in and walking out the gate, this suggests to me that the return working working was not by immediate turn round of the train but involved some stabling. This is likely not to have been the only train advertised for the Open Day. It could be that the stock above was used for more than one trip with ecs working as appropriate."
(2) Confirmation required about return workings.
(3) Confirmation of reversal point (Central Jn or Yard) or round Fife Circle.

Source : Andy Pullar

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