23rd April 1978

British Young Travellers Society
The Fawley Flyer

DEMU's Used 1128 + 1131

Route :

DEMU Route
as listed Totton - Fawley
as listed Fawley - Totton

Notes :
(1) Nick Lawford comments: operated to mark to end of Fawley passenger station. The line had been freight only for many years, but Fawley station had still been BR property. The DEMUs on this date were the last specials advertised to actually get to the old station, after this date boundary changes saw the refinery area change, no longer possible to reach this area now, inside the Esso complex. Believed there were three trips in total. Confirmation someone please?

Source : Nick Lawford (travelled on a morning shuttle)

Photo Review

1128 and headboard at Fawley (photos: Clive Warneford)

1131 at the other end of the train at Fawley (photo: Clive Warneford)

From Brian Halford's ticket collection.

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