6th May 1978

British Rail
(Spalding Flower Festival Special)

Loco(s) Used at least 33034
Stock Used 13406+3745+4033+3924+13389+1872+34644+3994+3828+3829

Route : 1Z78 throughout

Loco(s) Route
????? Brighton - ??? - Cambridge - Ely - March - Wisbech - Spalding
????? Spalding - (?reverse of outward route?) - Brighton
Notes :
(1) Originally uploaded as 6th April in error. Train seen having arrived at
Spalding and at Cambridge on the return journey with 33034 in charge; was this loco used throughout? Route confirmation required. Carried 'The Pleasure Seeker' headboard.

33034 on arrival into Spalding (photo: Chris Bracey)

Sources : Alan Chilestone & Henry Allum

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