1st August 1977

British Rail
(Holiday Preview Special)

Loco Used 40168

Route : 1Z16 throughout

Loco Route
40168 ??? - Leeds - (via S&C) - Carlisle - Largs
40168 Largs - Carlisle - (via S&C) - Leeds - ???

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required. Believed the train also went to Oban.

Dave Jones offers the following comments: I may have the wrong tour, but around that time we went to Largs from Sheffield, where the tour started.  Train loco was 40069 from Sheffield.  It failed at Stourton (on the outward leg), from where 40194 completed the tour. I can't imagine there were that many tours from Sheffield to Largs at that time. Any offers for this please (same trip, different one)?

Source : Melvin Teale (joined/left the train at Leeds)

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