7th May 1977

(Spalding Flower Festival Special)

"The Pleasure Seeker - Bargain Trips by Special Trains" series.

Locos Used at least 33056 & 37022
Stock Used 21268+25934+25909+25910+25915+25906+25917+13399+13390+21273

Route : 1Z40 throughout

Loco(s) Route
33056 Ramsgate - Cambridge
?37022? Cambridge - Spalding
37022 Spalding - Cambridge
33056 Cambridge - Ramsgate

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required.

Source : Alan Chilestone (viewed return working at Cambridge)

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Ramsgate ? ?
Cambridge ? 19.54a ~ 20.05d
Spalding ? ?

The following booked timings have been supplied by Terry Dorrity who was a passenger on a Ramsgate to Spalding special on this day but did not note the traction - was it this one or this other one for which details are already supplied?

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Ramsgate 07.20d 00.50a
Broadstairs 07.26d 00.44a
Margate 07.32d 00.38a
Herne Bay 07.47d 00.25a
Whitstable 07.54d 00.18a
Faversham 08.04d 00.08a
Sittingbourne 08.14d 23.58a
Gillingham 08.29d 23.47a
Chatham 08.35d 23.42a
Bromley South 09.08d 23.09a
Spalding 12.45a 18.40d

Fare was 4 adult (2 child) and the train Terry Dorrity was on was reported as fully booked, hence the other train may have been a "relief" to it.

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