11th April 1977

(Merrymaker Mystery Excursion)

Loco Used (1) 47051

Route :

Loco Route
47051 Loughborough - Leicester - Wellingborough - (North London Line??) - Clacton
47051 Clacton - Wellingborough - Leicester - Loughborough

Notes :
Information is scant on this tour and any further data will be gratefully received!
(1) Just one loco recorded for this tour, believed only one involved. Route confirmation required.

A leaflet Nigel has from the day indicates a second train also ran on the same date, from Hinckley and picking up at Narborough and Leicester to another unspecified mystery destination (which, according to a STN Alan Chilestone has, was also Clacton - confirmation if this train ran is required).

Sources : Nigel Benning & Alan Chilestone

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