3rd & 4th September 1976

British Rail
(Merrymaker Excursion)

Loco(s) Used at least 47006

Route :

Loco(s) Route
47006 ??? - Peterborough - (via ECML) - Edinburgh Waverley
????? Edinburgh Waverley - (via ECML) - Doncaster - Spalding - Cambridge
????? Cambridge - Bury St Edmunds - ?Ipswich?

Notes :
(1) Further details required. Gerald Brown comments: This train originated in East Anglia and ran with portions, joining up (at ???) for the onward run to Edinburgh. 47006 headed the train (from ???) to Edinburgh via Peterborough and Newcastle. I assume 47006 worked back. The return journey as far as Bury St Edmunds was via Newcastle, Doncaster, Spalding and Cambridge where reversal was required around 10.00 on the Sunday. Stock of the Ipswich? portion was at least E4648, E4449 & E21262.

Source : Gerald Brown

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