18th July 1976

Wirral Railway Circle
'Lincoln Castle' Cruise

Loco(s) Used at least 2x class 40s?
Stock Used ????? (4)

Route :

Traction Route (2)
class 40? Liverpool Lime Street - Edge Hill - Edge Lane
class 40? Edge Lane - Olive Mount Jn - Broad Green - St Helens Junction - Earlestown - Eccles - Manchester Victoria - Miles Platting - Baguley Fold Jn - Ashton Moss North Jn - Stalybridge - Marsden - Huddersfield - Mirfield - Dewsbury - Leeds - ??? - ?Doncaster? - ??? - Goole
????? Hull - Leeds - (?reverse of outward route?) - Earlestown - ??? - Liverpool Lime Street

Notes :
(1) Ran in conjunction with the Hull Paddle Steamer Group and the Coastal Cruising Association.
(2) The letter sent out with the tour tickets stated that, due to engineering works, whilst the train would run direct from Liverpool to Manchester, it would require a reversal on the triangle 'at the south end of the Bootle Branch'. One class 40 was diagrammed to haul the train to the reversal point, from where a different class member would take the train on to Goole. It was also understood by organisers that the outward journey was to be via Doncaster. No details were given regarding the return routing.
(3) At Goole passengers were to transfer to the paddle steamer 'Lincoln Castle' at Victoria Pier for the sailing to Hull.
(4) Expected stock formation from Liverpool Lime Street was given as;

Coach A B C D E F - G H I J

Source : Neil Burns

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Neil Burns

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Liverpool Lime Street 07.33d 20.28a
St Helens Junction 08.06d 20.06a
Earlestown 08.13d 19.59a
Manchester Victoria 08.40d 19.36a
Stalybridge 09.11d 19.17a
Leeds 10.11a ~ 10.31d 18.15a ~ 18.17d
Goole 12.15a -
Goole Victoria Pier 13.15d -
Hull - 17.10d

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