24th April 1976

Gainsborough Model Railway Society
London & North Western & Midland Railways Joint Tour

Locos Used Steam : 790 'Hardwicke', 1000 & 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

Route :

Loco(s) Route
790 + 1000 York - Knaresborough - Leeds
790 + 1000 Leeds - Keighley - Skipton - Settle Jn - Long Preston - Carnforth
4472 Carnforth - Long Preston - Settle Jn - Hellifield - Keighley - Leeds - York

Notes :
(1) Route & loco confirmation required. John Cowlishaw comments: I have a dim recollection of a special DMU from ?Lincoln? to York (I definitely remember the view on the front on the ECML at a low speed of 70 mph. The permissible load from York to Leeds was less than Leeds to Carnforth and so some of us were not able to have a steam ride past Harrogate. We travelled on a DMU service train and rejoined the main train at Leeds when it had more coaches. There was an option on this of getting off at ?Weeton? and getting the service an hour later to catch up with it at Leeds.
(2) Mike Powell comments: I was on the tour. Flying Scotsman really struggled on the return trip, having to work really hard all the way to Leeds, where a brake fault was found - I believe on the support coach, which was detached at Leeds. The tour was then very late, and the Gainsborough crowd had to jump ship and take a BR train home.  Us lucky few were treated to a spectacular journey back to York.  The sound as Scotsman left Leeds through the retaining wall cutting has never been forgotten!

Sources : David Clark & John Cowlishaw

Photo Review

From Andrew Fairholm's ticket collection.

The tour, paused at Leeds (photo: The John Debens Collection)

790 & 1000 passing Shipley (photo: Bill Jamieson)

790 & 1000 at Clapham (photo: John Green)

4472 storms through Clapham station on the return leg (photo: John Green)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Clark)

Location Booked
York 11.23d
Skelton 11/28
Poppleton 11/32
Knaresborough 11/57
Harrogate 12/06
Wortley Jn 12/34
Leeds 12.39a ~ 14.39d
Bingley 14/58
Keighley 15/07
Skipton 15*20 ~ 15*22
Hellifield 15/38
Settle Jn 16/05
Clapham 16/16
Wennington 16/27
Carnforth 16L46a ~ 18L00d
Wennington 18/18
Clapham 18/31
Settle Jn 18/43
Hellifield 18/48
Skipton 19*04 ~ 19*06
Keighley 19/20
Bingley (Leeds Jn) 19/30
Leeds 19.49a ~ 20.14d
York 20.53a

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