31st August 1975

(Cavalcade of Steam DMU Charter)

DMU Used 2x3 car Metro-Cammell led by E51551

Route : 1Gxx (or 2E71) throughout (1)

DMU Route
as listed Leeds (?) - York - Darlington - Shildon
as listed Shildon - Darlington - York - Leeds (?)

Notes :
(1) Photo shows reporting number as 2E71.
(2) A very rare working of a Neville Hill Class 111 on the Bishop Auckland branch.
(3) This may have been the only 'through' charter (others required the passengers to change from their railtours onto DMU's for the leg from/to Darlington).

The train passing Heighington (photo: Mark Harrington)

Source : Mark Harrington

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