27th February 1971

Wirral Railway Circle / Great Western Society (Bristol Branch)
Somerset Rambler II (2)

DMU Used 3-car class 120 set

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Bristol - Bath - Swindon - Swindon Town - Chippenham - Westbury - Cranmore - Taunton - Wapping Wharf - Portishead - Bristol

Notes :
(1) Route confirmation required (reversal points not detailed). A planned visit to Dulcote Quarry had to be abandoned due to unsafe track.
(2) Uploaded as 'Somerset Rambler II' however Kevin Driscoll has provided details of a WRC/GWS tour run on 14/11/70 called the same i.e. 'Somerset Rambler II' thus queries the date/name of this tour. The suggestion that this was the 'Somerset Rambler II' came from the tour map handed out on the 27/03/71 tour of the same name however the tickets and tour map were both marked as 'Somerset Rambler II' and dated 27/02/71, but with the date hand-corrected to 27/03/71. Bob Bunyar comments: I went on and have a ticket for the tour on 27th February 1971. According to the ticket this was just called the 'Somerset Rambler' so I presume it was the first and not second Somerset Rambler.

Sources : Mike Barnsley, Steve Haynes & Cyril Crawley

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