20th September 1969

Irish Railway Record Society
(Roudabout Route)

DMU Used 2509

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Dublin Connolly - Howth Junction - Donabate - Skerries Golf Course - Buckies Sidings
as listed Buckies Sidings - Drogheda Jn
as listed Drogheda Jn - Drogheda
as listed Drogheda - Cement Factory Siding
as listed Cement Factory Siding - Drogheda
as listed Drogheda - Dunleer - Dromin Jn - Ardee
as listed Ardee - Dromin Jn
as listed Dromin Jn - Dundalk Jn
as listed Dundalk Jn - Dundalk South
as listed Dundalk South - Dundalk (Barrack Street)
as listed Dundalk (Barrack Street) - Drogheda - Howth Junction - Dublin Connolly

Notes :
(1) Extracted from Irish Railfans News, November 1969; The IRRS operated railcar 2509 from Dublin to Dundalk on 20 September and made some unusual stops and side excursions en route. The first call was at Ireland’s newest station, Kilbarrack, and other stops were made at the closed Skerries Golf Club Halt and, in Drogheda, at Buckie’s Siding, which was traversed. The railcar then made what is believed to have been the first passenger trip over the steeply graded line to the Drogheda Cement Factory. Next, a stop was made at the remote Kellystown Signal Box, after which the car went down the Ardee Branch. At its final destination, Dundalk, a visit was made to Barrack Street, now the goods station, but once the headquarters and terminus of the Irish North Western Railway.

Source : Richard Maund (from Irish Railfans News)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Richard Maund)

Location Booked
Dublin Connolly 11.05d
Kilbarrack 11.20a ~ 11.30d
Malahide 11.41a ~ 11.51d
Donabate 11.56a ~ 12.17d
shunt for 11:30 Goods North Wall - Dundalk
Skerries Golf Course 12.31a ~ 12.37d
Buckies Sidings 13.00a ~13.06d
Drogheda 13.11a ~ 14.30d
Cement Factory Siding 14.40a ~ 15.10d
Drogheda 15.15a ~ 15.20d
Kellystown 15.32a ~ 15.40d
Dunleer 15.50a ~ 16.00d
Dromin Jn 16.05a ~ 16.15d
Ardee 16.30a ~ 17.20d
Dromin Jn 17.35a ~ 17.40d
Dundalk Jn 18.00a ~ 18.05d
Dundalk South 18.10a ~ 18.11d
Dundalk (Barrack Street) 18.25a ~ 20.20d
Drogheda 20.55a ~ 20.56d
Howth Junction 21/36
Dublin Connolly 21.45a

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