10th May 1969

Branch Line Society (Southern & Eastern Area)

Locos Used Industrial diesel shunter (3)
Stock Used 3x open wagons

Route :

Loco(s) Route
as listed Claydale Siding - Redbourn - Harpenden Jn (1)
as listed (2) Harpenden Jn - Redbourn - Claydale Siding

Notes :
(1) To protecting signal for Harpenden Jn.
(2) Loco propelling.
(3) Loco identity required - a later trip in 1979 used what appears to have been the same loco (in which case it was ex-BR D2203). From the ticket illustrated below it appears there may have been multiple runs over the line (as given by the train time and ticket number). Confirmation is also required regarding identity of the start and finish point i.e. are Claydale Siding and Cupid Green the same location (though from reference to a Rail Atlas and road map it is believed they are)?
(4) Originally uploaded as run by the L.C.G.B. but revised following receipt of a ticket scan from John Debens. Were the L.C.G.B. also involved or did they have their own run(s) over the line?

Source : David Pearson

Photo Review

Brolly's deployed against the rain, the train approaches Roundwood Halt!
(photo: David Pearson)

The train at Redbourn (photo: David Pearson)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

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