23rd February 1969

Flying Scotsman Enterprises
No.2 Mystery Tour

Locos Used 1869 & steam: 4472 'Flying Scotsman'
Stock Used Mk1 carriages in mainly blue and grey livery

Route : 1Z68 throughout

Loco(s) Route
1869 London Kings Cross - (via ECML) - Grantham - Allington Jn - Netherfield Jn - Nottingham Midland - Trent North Jn - Loughborough - Leicester
4472 Leicester - (via MML) - London St Pancras

Notes :
(1) 4472 'Flying Scotsman' had been failed the previous day at Cleethorpes on the 'No.1 Mystery Tour' so a class 47 was provided as far as Leicester. Basil Hancock comments: The tour was planned to be steam hauled, but 'Flying Scotsman' had failed and we were provided with 1869, which seems to have worked the previous day's FSE special too. The diesel loco's steam heating boiler was working to provide train heat. The route was from Kings Cross to Grantham, then across to Nottingham and down to Leicester. There was a photo stop at Netherfield & Colwick (it may have been planned as a water stop but I don’t know for sure). At Leicester we were taken by bus for a visit to the small railway museum, and on our return to the station 4472 had arrived. It then hauled the train to St Pancras as scheduled.
(2) As this was a mystery tour, Leicester (from 15.15 to 17.15) was simply listed as 'destination' in the information provided to passengers.
(3) This tour was fully booked, the extra passengers being transferred to No.4 Mystery Tour on March 30th.

Sources : Bob Bridger, Basil Hancock & Iain Jack

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Bob Bridger & Iain Jack)

Location Booked
Kings Cross 11.05d [P10] [SL]
Holloway 11/08 [SL]
Finsbury Park 11/13 [FL]
Potters Bar 11/29
hatfield 11/35
Langley Jn 11/47 [SL]
Hitchin 11/59
Sandy 12/16
Huntingdon 12/31
Yaxley 12/51 [GL]
Fletton 12/56 [ML]
Peterborough 13.00a ~ 13.02d
Werrington 13/08
Essendine 13/21
Stoke 13/36
Grantham 13/42
Allington Jn 13/48
Bottesford West 13/55
Aslockton 14/00
Netherfield 14.13 ~ 14.22
Netherfield Jn 14/24
London Road Jn 14/30
Nottingham Midland 14/31
Trent North Jn 14/46
Loughborough Midland 14/57
Syston South Jn 15/08
Leicester London Road 15.15a ~ 17.15d
Wigston North Jn 17/21
Kibworth 17/31
Market Harborough 17/40
Desborough 17/48
Glendon North Jn 17/53
Kettering 18/03
Wellingborough 18/10
Sharnbrook 18/17
Bedford 18/27
Flitwick 18/39
Luton 18.50a ~ 18.52d
St Albans 19/16
Finchley Road 19/20
St Pancras 19.25a

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