9th November 1968

Australian Railway Historical Society
Last Train to Heathcote

Locos Used steam: D3 369 & K 184
Stock Used ??? (2)

Route :

Locos Route
D3 369 + K 184 Melbourne - Heathcote Junction - Tooborac
K 184 + D3 369 (3) Tooborac - Heathcote
D3 369 + K 184 Heathcote - (reverse of outward route) - Melbourne

Notes :
(1) Internet sources quote the last regular passenger working on the Heathcote branch from Heathcote Junction took place on June 20th 1965 and the last timetabled freight working on 6th November 1968. Text associated with video footage published on the Internet gives the traction as 'steam locomotives D3 639 and K 184 double heading the train' and all footage seen by the Webmaster shows the pair double-headed throughout.
(2) Internet source comments: 'Two four wheel wagons were added to the train on the return trip and were shunted off later at Wallan'. Confirmation of where they were added is required as video footage shows them not in the consist on leaving Heathcote. One of the wagons was between loco K 184 and the passenger coaches, it is not clear where the other was in the consist (very possibly on the rear as there is video footage looking back during the journey which may have been taken from the wagon?)
(3) Running tender-first.

Front and rear of a tour ticket.
From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Source : John Debens

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