26th October 1968

L.C.G.B (North West Branch)
The Warrington & Widnes Brake-Van Rail Tour No.2

Did this train run? Details taken from pre-tour advertising.

Loco Used advertised for Sulzer type 2 throughout
Stock Used advertised to be eight freight brake-vans

Route :

Loco(s) Advertised Route
Sulzer type 2 (10.30d) Earlestown - Vulcan Works Siding (if works visit agreed)
Sulzer type 2 Vulcan Works Siding - Wnwick Jn - Dallam Branch - Warrington Bank Quay - Walton Old Jn - Daresbury - Daresbury Refuge Sidings - Frodsham Jn
Sulzer type 2 Frodsham Jn - Halton Jn - Runcorn - Runcorn Docks
Sulzer type 2 Runcorn Docks - Runcorn - Ditton Jn
Sulzer type 2 Ditton Jn - Widnes area (including Tanhouse Lane, Dock Jn & all usable curves between Ditton and Caterhouse Jn) - Arpley Jn - Latchford Old Line to MSC boundary - Greenall's Siding (Wilderspool) Branch - Arpley Jn - Warrington Extension Sidings
Sulzer type 2 Warrington Extension Sidings - Down Release Road ('The Hole'), underneath main lines - Warrington Bank Quay - Earlestown (17.30a)

Notes :
(1) Reversal points above are as per the advertised route - it seems apparent that other reversals not detailed would have also taken place.

Source : John Debens

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