29th September 1968

Flying Scotsman Enterprises
Special Train to Tyseley (Birmingham)

Loco Used 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

Route :

Loco(s) Route
4472 Lincoln - Gainsborough Lea Road - Retford - Worksop - Sheffield - Chesterfield - Derby - Tamworth - Tyseley
4472 Tyseley - (reverse of outward route) - Lincoln

Notes :
(1) Tyseley Depot held an Open Day on this date; associated with the Open Day 4472 'Flying Scotsman' hauled a round-trip between Tyseley and Leamington Spa.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Source : The John Debens

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Lincoln 07.45d 22.20a
Gainsborough Lea Road 08.20d 21.55a
Retford 08.50d 21.22a
Worksop 09.04d 21.05a
Sheffield 09.43d 20.32a
Chesterfield 10.04d 20.05a
Derby 11.08d 19.01a
Tamworth 11.42d 18.30a
Tyseley 12.23a 18.00d

West Riding Connections;

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Bradford 06.50d 23.06a
Leeds 07.20d 22.35a
Change at Sheffield in each direction
Doncaster 08.00d 23.12a

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