2nd June 1968

British Rail
The Last Days of Steam

Locos Used at least 44874 & 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'

Route : 1T80 throughout

Loco Route
70013? Manchester Victoria - ??? - Preston
70013 Preston - (via WCML) - Carnforth
44874 Carnforth - Wennington - Settle Jn - Hellifield - Clitheroe - Blackburn - Lostock Hall Jn - Farington Curve Jn - Euxton Jn - ??? - Bolton - Manchester Victoria

Notes :
(1) At Carnforth participants had the opportunity to visit the depot. 70013 was advertised to have been used throughout but suffered big end trouble and was replaced for the return leg by 44874.
(2) Headcode originally uploaded as 1T60 in error.
(3) Route confirmation required - tour ticket and pre-tour advertising gave the outward route as reversing at Preston then via Clitheroe, Hellifield and Wennington but corrected (though still subject to confirmation) by David Moore to that shown above. Tickets were also available from Liverpool Exchange, with tour participants changing to the tour at Preston, presumably using service trains between Liverpool and Preston.

Sources : Andrew Fairholm, Bernard Mills, Chris Powell, John Debens & David Moore

Photo Review

70013, heading north, is seen approaching Arkholme (photo: Bernard Mills)

44874, heading south, is seen passing Melling (photo: Bernard Mills)


From The John Debens Ticket Collection
(originally supplied by Andrew Fairholm)


From The John Debens Ticket Collection

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Manchester Victoria 08.37d 17.03a
Preston ??.??a ~ 10.00d 15.33a ~ ??.??d
Carnforth 11.50a 13.37d

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