12th May 1968

? Anglo Norse Society ?
The Norfolk Enterprise

Loco Used 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

Route :

Loco Route
4472 London Kings Cross - Hitchin - Cambridge - Ely - Norwich Thorpe

Norwich Thorpe - (reverse of outward route) - London Kings Cross

Notes :
This tour may was one of a series organised by David & June Harding using 4472 'Flying Scotsman'. It is not clear if this was under the auspices of the Anglo Norse Society as they are not mentioned in any of the paperwork or ticketing seen by the Webmaster. There were an off-train options to visit the North Norfolk Railway or take a Norfolk Broads tour.

Sources : Terry Jackson & John Debens

Photo Review

4472 on the tour (photo: Vic Summerfield courtesy of Michael Croxford)

From Andrew Fairholm's ticket collection.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Terry Jackson)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Kings Cross 09.05d 22.04a
Hatfield 09/30 21/42
Hitchin 09/47 21/26
Royston 10/06 21/06
Cambridge 10.26a ~ 10.31d 20.39a ~ 20.44d
Ely 10/52 20/18
Brandon 11/08 20/03
Thetford 11/16 19/55
Wymondham 11/37 19/35
Norwich Thorpe 11.56a 19.15d

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