27th April 1968

Stephenson Locomotive Society
(Eaglescliffe to Redmire)

Loco Used D6760
Stock used [1] : 18 wagons + 2 brake vans
[2] : 26 wagons + 2 brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
D6760 Eaglescliffe - Northallerton
D6760 Northallerton - Castle Hills - Leyburn - Redmire
D6760 Redmire - (reverse of outward route) - Northallerton - Eaglescliffe

Notes :
(1) Tony Davies comments: Similarly to the earlier brake van trips locally organised by the SLS, this was on the regular working from Tees Yard to Redmire, for limestone. The main point of interest – apart from travelling up the Wensleydale line – was the reversal procedure at Northallerton. At that date there was a slip connection, from up line to down line, at the north end of Northallerton Station. With a full load (?) of 24 wagons on the return, wagon brakes had to be pinned down at Leyburn; these were released at M.P 7, just outside Bedale.  As timing was only 'academic', the times given are only estimates.

Sources : Tony Davies/Ian Clark (both: SLS)

Timings (???)
(from Tony Davies/Ian Clark (both: SLS))

Location ??? (out) ??? (rtn)
Eaglescliffe 09.30d 13.51a
Northallerton 09.55 13.22
Castle Hills 09.59 13.00
Leyburn 10.46 12.11
Redmire (11.30) (11.45)

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