7th October 1967

North Norfolk Railway Limited
The Fenlands Rambler

DMU Used on main tour 79023+79658
Service Set ???

Route :

DMU Route
as listed (main tour)

Cambridge - Waterbeach - Ely - Ely North Jn - March - Cowbit - Spalding

as listed (main tour)

Spalding - Werrington Jn - Peterborough North - Whittlesea - March - Ely North Jn - Ely - Soham - Bury-St-Edmunds - Ipswich

as listed (main tour)

Ipswich - Westerfield - Saxmundham - Beccles - Oulton Broad South - Lowestoft Central

as listed (main tour)

Lowestoft Central - Norwich Thorpe

as listed (main tour)

Norwich Thorpe - Wensum Jn - Wroxham - North Walsham - Cromer Beach

as listed (main tour)

Cromer Beach - Sheringham (New Halt) (1)

as listed (main tour) + service train set Cromer Beach - North Walsham - Wroxham - Wensum Jn - Norwich Thorpe
as listed (main tour) Norwich Thorpe - Thetford - Ely - Waterbeach - Cambridge

Notes :
(1) Passengers returned to Cromer Beach by bus. Chris Totty comments: Buses to Weybourne for visit to North Norfolk Railway. Buses returned passengers Cromer Beach as train was attached to service train as far as Norwich. Does anyone remember if this was done as the platform at Sheringham New Halt was not long enough to take a 4 car train?
(2) Originally uploaded as organised by the M.&G.N.J.R.S. but changed after receipt of a ticket scan.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Sources : Chris Totty & Gerard Fletcher/Michael Bryant

Timings (Booked Only)
Chris Totty)

Location Booked
Cambridge 09.58d
Waterbeach 10/06
Ely 10/16 [middle road]
Ely North Jn 10/18
March 10cp38a ~ 10cp45d
Cowbit 11/04
Spalding 11p10a ~ 11p17d
Werrington Jn 11/36
Peterborough North 11p42a ~ 11p47d
Nene Jn 11/49
Peterborough East 11/50
March 12c09 ~ 12c11
Ely North Jn 12/30
Soham 12/49
Fordham 12/53
Chippenham Jn 13/00
Bury-St-Edmunds 13p18a ~ 13p23d
Ipswich 13p59a ~ 14p04d
Westerfield 14/10
Saxmundham 14p34a ~ 14p39d
Halesworth 14p52a ~14p57d
Beccles 15p10a ~ 15p15d
Oulton Broad South 15p24a ~ 15p28d
Lowestoft Central 15p33a ~ 15p36d
Norwich Thorpe 16p06a ~ 16p11d
Wroxham 16p24a ~ 16p28d
North Walsham Main 16px39a ~ 16px46d
Cromer Beach 17p03a ~ 17p06d
Sheringham New Halt 17.14a
Cromer Beach 18.52d
called at all stations to Norwich Thorpe
Norwich Thorpe 19.39a ~ 19.46d
Ely North Jn 20/48
Ely 20.52a ~ 20.53d
Cambridge 21.11a

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