5th August 1967

L.C.G.B. (North West Branch)
Warrington & Widnes Brake Van Railtour

Loco Used 76077
Stock Used brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
76077 Earlestown - Dallam Branch Sidings - Dallam (track limit) - Dallam Branch Sidings - Warrington Bank Quay - Daresbury - Daresbury Loop (limit) - Daresbury - Frodsham Jn - Halton Jn - Runcorn Docks - Runcorn - Ditton Jn - Widnes South - Widnes No. 1 - USAC Branch, Tanhouse Lane - Widnes No. 4 (Marsh Siding) - Widnes No. 6 - West Deviaton Jn - Widnes South - Carterhuuse Jn - Arpley Jn - Walton Old Jn - Connection to MSC line (BR limit) - Walton Old Jn - Warrington Bank Quay - Earlestown

Notes :
(1) Reversal points not detailed. An advertising leaflet for a re-run on 26th October 1968 comments that 'due to the pressure on the mainline junction with Summer Saturday trains, the 1967 tour was delayed and two parts of the tour were omitted to allow long-distance trains to reach Warrington bank Quay stations in time for their connections to be made'.

Nick Catford comments about the photo: The line in the foreground is the east to south spur connection from the Garston to Warrington line. The next two tracks are the Widnes to St. Helens Main line, the original St Helens and Runcorn Gap Railway and behind them are factory sidings on which the locomotive is standing as it takes on water. The site of Runcorn Gap Station is just out of view to left of the picture.

Sources : Bevan Price & John Debens

Photo Review

76077 at Widnes Dock Junction (photo: Bevan Price)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

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