4th April 1967

The '62C' Society
(Charlestown Branch Brake Van Tour)

Loco Used D6846
Stock Used brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
D6846 Dunfermline Upper Sidings - ?Touch Nrth Jn - Touch South Jn - Dunfermline Lower - Charlestown Jn - Elbowend Jn? - Charlestown (Crombie Armaments Depot) (2)
D6846 Charlestown (Crombie Armaments Depot) - (?reverse of outward route?) - Dunfermline Upper Sidings

(1) Eddie Taylor comments: The '62C' Society was formed out of railway enthusiasts (including myself) from Dunfermline High School who organised trips all over the UK in the mid 60s in search of ‘train numbers’.  Although the last remaining J36 loco 65288 at Dunfermline MPD (62C) was requested for this tour it was unable to do the run as it was not fitted with a spark arrestor (essential for an armaments depot).  Instead we had EE Type 3 D6846 at the head of the train.  Interestingly the shed did send 65288 to Dunfermline Upper for a photographic opportunity (see below).  This was in fact the last time a loco was steamed from Dunfermline MPD before the closure of steam in Scotland altogether.
(2) Upon arrival at Charlestown all participants were required to detrain whilst the train was shunted in Crombie Depot, which was governed by security restrictions.

Source : Eddie Taylor

Photo Review

65288 at Dunfermline Upper Sidings (photo: Eddie Taylor)

D6846 approaching Charlestown before descending backwards into the
 Crombie depot (photo: Eddie Taylor)

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