5th March 1967

(Tour of North Eastern Depots)

DMU Used 3-car set

Route :

DMU Route
as listed plus service DMU Leeds Central - Arthington - Harrogate
as listed Harrogate - Ripley Jn - Ripley - Ripon - Wath - Pickhill - Northallerton Boroughbridge Road - Picton - Yarm - Eaglescliffe - Thornaby - Thornaby MPD
as listed Thornaby MPD - Thornaby - Billingham - Newburn - Stranton Jn - West Hartlepool MPD
as listed West Hartlepool MPD - Stranton Jn
as listed Stranton Jn - West Hartlepool - Seaham - Ryhope Grange Jn - Londonderry - Hendon Jn - South Dock MPD
as listed South Dock MPD - Ryhope Grange Jn
as listed Ryhope Grange Jn - Sunderland - Boldon Colliery
as listed Boldon Colliery - Green Lane Jn - Tyne Dock MPD
as listed Tyne Dock MPD - Pelaw - Gateshead East - Newcastle
as listed Newcastle - King Edward Bridge - Durham - Northallerton - (reverse of outward route) - Harrogate - Leeds Central

Notes :
(1) This unusual tour combined modern motive power, 'shed bashing', unusual track and one 'last day' line. At Thornaby, South Dock and Tyne Dock the DMU ran right into the depots. At West Hartlepool this had been intended but the state of the track deemed this unwise, at Gateshead the depot was reached on foot from the station. Engineering work at Leeds Central necessitated the four car tour DMU being coupled to the rear of the 08.45 Bradford Exchange - Harrogate, due to a shortage of available paths. The Northallerton - Melmerby line closed the next day, the tour being the last but one 'up' train over this line. The timing sheet referred to this as "private excursion".

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Sources : David Hills (compiled from contemporary reports) & Robin Lush

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Robin Lush)

Location Booked
Leeds 08.45d
Harrogate ??.??a ~ 09.50d
Ripon 10/04
Northallerton Boroughbridge Road 10/22
Eaglescliffe 10/46
Thornaby Station 10.52a ~ 10.54d
Thornaby MPD 10.58a ~ 11.50d
Thornaby Station 11/54
Stockton 12/00
Stranton Jn 12/16
West Hartlepool MPD 12.21a ~ 13.00d
Stranton Jn 13.03a ~ 13.07d
West Hartlepool 13/09
Easington 13/21
Ryhope Grange 13/33
South Dock MPD 13.38a ~ 14.18d
Ryhope Grange 14.23a ~ 14.27d
Sunderland 14/30
Boldon Colliery 14.42a ~ 14.46d
Green Lane Jn 14/50
Tyne Dock 14.55a ~ 14.59d
Tyne Dock MPD 15.05a ~ 15.45d
Green Lane Jn 15/50
Boldon Colliery 15/54
Pelaw 16/00
Gateshead East 16.06a ~ 17.35d
Newcastle 17/38
King Edward Bridge 17/41
Durham 17/56
Ferryhill 18/07
Darlington 18/24
Northallerton 18/38
Ripon 18/55
Harrogate 19.10a ~ 19.11d
Arthington 19/26
Wortley North 19/41
Leeds 'B' Box 19/42
Leeds Central 19.44a

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