4th March 1967

Irish Railway Record Society (Munster Area)
(Waterford South Revisited)

DMU Used (2) Limerick Railcar set consisting: 2607+1352+2634

Route :

DMU Route
as listed Waterford North - Grace Dieu Jn
as listed Grace Dieu Jn - Waterford South
as listed Waterford South - Grace Dieu Jn
as listed Grace Dieu Jn - Waterford North

Notes :
(1) Extracted from Irish Railfans News, April 1967; The Munster Area of the IRRS organised another unusual outing on Saturday, 4 March. Using the Limerick railcar set (2607, 1352, 2634), a visit was paid to the former Waterford South Station. Leaving Waterford North at 15:30, the train reversed at Grace Dieu Junction and went down the Ironfounders’ Siding to the old South Station, arriving at 15:51. The special returned at 16:34 and waited 13 minutes at Grace Dieu while the 13:30 from Cork cleared the section. Arrival at Waterford North was at 17:10
(2) 1352 was a standard coach.

Source : Richard Maund (from Irish Railfans News)

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