27th August 1966

Railway Society of Scotland
J36 Rail Tour

Loco Used 65345
Stock Used 4 mark 1's (BSO+TSO+TSO+BSO)

Route :

Loco Route
65345 Corstorphine - Edinburgh Waverley - Portobello West Jn
65345 Portobello West Jn - Leith East
65345 Leith East - Portobello - Musselburgh
65345 Musselburgh - Portobello
65345 Portobello - Smeaton
65345 Smeaton - (Lothian Lines via Wanton Walls Jn) - Morningside Road - (via Slateford Spur) - Kingsknowe
65345 Kingsknowe - Granton Jn - North Leith
65345 North Leith - Slateford
65345 Slateford - (via Duff St Spur to Haymarket East Jn) - Edinburgh Waverley

Notes :
(1) Train stopped for photographic run-past at Granton Road station.

Source : Alasdair Taylor

Photo Review

Alan Grange photographed 65345 on St Margaret's shed the day before the
tour, being readied for the following days outing.

65345 starting the day at Corstorphine (photo: Bob Mitchell collection)

65345 at Musselburgh (photo: The John Debens Collection)

65345 pauses for photos at Blackford Hill.
(Photo by G N Turnbull İTOPticl Digital Memories - see
www.TOPticl.com for further details and a chance to buy a full size copy)

65345 makes a run-past at Granton Road (photo: Bob Mitchell collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

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