5th July 1966

Locomotive Club of Great Britain (North-West Branch)
(East Fife Brake Van Trip)

Loco Used 61133
Stock Used one 16t steel mineral wagon and one brakevan

Route : ran as Class 9/K

Loco Route
61133 Thornton Yard - Thornton North Jn - Cameron Bridge - East Fife Central Jn - leven - Anstruther - Crail
61133 Crail - (reverse of outward route) - Thornton Yard

(1) Route confirmation required but believed correct. The locomotive was turned on the still-operational turntable at Anstruther during a lunch stop on the return journey. Loco carred a 'LCGB North-West' headboard.

Source : Peter Crossman (Hon General Secretary of the L.C.G.B.) courtesy of Brian Malaws

Timings (Booked Only)

Location Booked
Thornton Yard 09.05d
Crail ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Anstruther ??.??a ~ ??.??d
Thornton Yard ??.??a ~ ??.??d

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