18th June 1966

Plymouth Railway Circle
Plymouth Area Brake Van Tour

Locos Used D2177 & D2178
Stock Used 6 or 7 brake vans

Route :

Loco(s) Route
D2178 Plymouth Marsh Mills - Tavistock Jn
D2178 Tavistock Jn - Laira Jn - Mount Gould Jn - Friary Jn - Sutton Harbour
D2178 Sutton Harbour - Friary Jn - Mount Gould Jn
D2178 Mount Gould Jn - Cattewater Jn - Cattewater (as far as tunnel)
D2178 Cattewater - Cattewater Jn
D2178 Cattewater Jn - Plymstock
D2178 Plymstock - Cattewater Jn - Friary Jn - Plymouth Friary
D2178 Plymouth Friary - Friary Jn - Mount Gould Jn - Lipson Jn - Plymouth - Cornwall Jn - Millbay Docks (2)
D2177 + D2178 Millbay Docks - Cornwall Jn - Plymouth
D2177 Plymouth - Devonport Jn - Stonehouse Pool Quay
D2177 Stonehouse Pool - Quay - Devonport Jn - Plymouth

Notes :
(1) Originally uploaded as running on June 15th, in error. Route confirmation required - reported as the only passenger train ever to use the direct chord between Plymouth Marsh Mills and Tavistock Jn.
(2) D2178 failed at Millbay Docks.

Source : Bernard Mills

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