14th May 1966

Cheshire Cat (No.1) Rail Tour

Loco Used 46517
Stock Used Brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
46517 Northwich - Winsford Jn (CLC) - Falks Jn (1) - Winsford Jn (CLC) - Hartford CLC Jn - Hartford LNW Jn - Winsford Jn (LNW) - Over & Wharton - Winsford Jn - Hartford LNW Jn - Hartford CLC Jn - Hartford & Greenbank - Winnington/ Oakleigh Sidings - Northwich Sidings - Marston Sidings - Northwich Sidings - Northwich

(1) Reversal points not detailed. Continued unadvertised beyond Falks Jn, covering the then limit of the CLC Winsford & Over branch and the BR limit of the Salt Works branch.

Sources : Terry Jackson (from contemporary sources) & Bevan Price

Photo Review

Front and back of a tour ticket
From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

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