16th April 1966

Warwickshire Railway Society
Cambrian Tour

Locos Used 45287, 75014 & 75020
Stock Used 8 Mk 1's

Route : 1X82 throughout

Loco Route
45287 Birmingham Snow Hill - Wolverhampton - Shrewsbury
75014 Shrewsbury - Welshpool - Moat Lane Jn - Machynlleth - Aberystwyth
75014 Aberystwyth - Dovey Junction
75020 Dovey Junction - Towyn - Barmouth - Harlech - Portmadoc - Pwllheli
75020 Pwllheli - Portmadoc - Harlech - Barmouth - Towyn - Machynlleth - Moat Lane Jn - Welshpool  - Shrewsbury
45287 Shrewsbury  - (reverse of outward route) - Birmingham Snow Hill

Notes :
(1) Brian Basterfield comments: The tour covered both the Aberystwyth and Pwllheli routes which made for a long day. By 1966 the the Manors and Churchward 2-6-0's were long gone, and it was the BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0's which were now in command. And by all accounts, had been doing good work, particularly on the Cambrian Coast Express. Well, each way over Talerddig would certainly be a good test. On the outward run, with 75014, things got off to a modest start with a small loss on the schedule to Welshpool, and a poor 22 mph up the bank to Westbury on Severn. We then held our own to Newtown, but stopped for water at Moat Lane Junction. The westbound climb to Talerddig was poor, and we were 7 late into Machynlleth. And the running on to Aberystwyth, and subsequently back to Dovey Junction was ok, though not inspiring. We said goodbye to 75014, and hoped that 75020, which was to take us up to Pwllheli, then back the whole way to Shrewsbury, would be better. On the coast line, things were most satisfactory. The loco seemed on top of the job, and was 3 minutes early into Pwllheli. The same was true coming back down the coast. Everything seemed under control. But the climb from Machynlleth to Talerddig would be the real test. On time from Machynlleth and all seemed well, until we approached Llanbrynmair. Here we stopped, ostensibly for water. But it doesn't take 8 minutes to top up, not after filling up at Machynlleth. We struggled away, and then started slipping, and slipping. After 15 minutes and about 1 mile gone, we stopped for a 6 minute blow up. Then struggled up to Talerddig, and sat down for another 5 minutes to recover. So instead of the usual 24 to 26 minutes to pass Talerddig, we had taken 56 by the time we restarted. From then on, things were much better, and our lateness into Shrewsbury was cut to 19 minutes. 75020 came off, and our Black 5, no 45287, took over for the run back to Birmingham Snow Hill. We were 12 minutes late from Shrewsbury, but thereafter I took no times. I guess it would have been about 10.15pm or so back into Birmingham. But the tour as a whole was a great success. Both the Aberystwyth and Pwllheli lines in one day. And Barmouth to Pwllheli without a stop was interesting. How many times has that been done? Pity the Standard 4's were off form that day though.
(2) 45287 was photographed at Shrewsbury carrying headcode 1X82; it is assumed this was used throughout.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Sources : Brian Basterfield & Richard Strange

Timings (Actual Only)
(from Brian Basterfield)

Location Actual
Birmingham Snow Hill 07.25d
Wolverhampton Low Level 07.50a ~ 07.52d
Wellington 08.15a ~ 08.16d
Shrewsbury 08L30a ~ 08L45d
Welshpool 09.24a ~ 09.29d
Newtown 09/53
Moat Lane Jn 10.00a ~ 10.03d 
Talerddig 10/24
Machynlleth 10.46 ~ 10.53
Dovey Jn 10/59
Aberystwyth 11.31a ~ 12.44d
Borth 13.03a ~ 13.07d
Dovey Junction 13L23a ~ 13L32d
Towyn 13.53a ~ 13.55d
Llwyngrwl 14.05a ~ 14.08d
Barmouth Jn 14/18
Barmouth 14.24a ~ 14.31d
Harlech 14/51
Portmadoc 15/08
Criccieth 15/17
Afon Wen 15/22
Pwllheli 15.33a ~ 15.56d
Afon Wen 16/07
Criccieth 16.13a ~ 16.14d
Portmadoc 16/43
Harlech 16/43
Dyffryn Ardudwy 16.56a ~ 17.06d
Barmouth 17.15a ~ 17.21d
Barmouth Junction 17.27a ~ 17.40d
Llwyngrwl 17/50
Towyn 18/02
Dovey Junction 18/21
Machynlleth 18.28a ~ 18.34d
Llanbrynmair 18*54a ~ 19*02d
Talerddig 19.17a ~ 19.30d
Moat Lane Jn 19/45
Newtown 19/52
Welshpool 20.11a ~ 20.15d
Shrewsbury 20L51a ~ 21L02d
Wellington ?
Wolverhampton Low Level ?
Birmingham Snow Hill ?

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