1st September 1964

Ian Allan
(Ian Allan Railtour)

Loco Used 46245 'City of London'

Route :

Loco Route

London Paddington - High Wycombe - Birmingham Snow Hill - Wolverhampton - Shrewsbury - Nantwich - Crewe


Crewe - ??? - London Paddington

Notes :
(1) Some sources have suggested the use of 46256 'Sir William Stanier' rather than 46245; however photographic evidence at Paddington and Crewe, and lack of any positive evidence that 46256 was involved in some way, leads the Webmaster to be satisfied that only 46245 was used (and as pre-advertised).
(2) For visit to Crewe Locomotive Works (but not the South Shed). Though questioned, two confirmations have been received that the train did go via Shrewsbury on the outward leg.
(3) Nick Deacon comments: I was amongst the many that made the trip that day and I believe that this was the last performance of active of service for 46245. The trip left Paddington late due to injector problems and the trip north was dogged by frequent stops (three I think) for water. I don't recall the trip doglegging via Shrewsbury otherwise we would have never reached Crewe! [see note (2)] As it was we had less time at the Works than planned. The tour was not specifically dedicated to the 'last of the Coronations' as such but more as a 'routine' trip to Crewe Works under the usual banner of an 'Ian Allan Railtour'.  The loco sheds were not included, although I do recall some of the party not bothering with the Works and bunking Crewe North! The return trip was less fractured than the outward and the loco performed adequately. The tour was not one remembered for loco performance! John Robin however comments: I took timings but do not recall poor running or frequent stops.

Sources : Gordon Jakes, Nick Deacon, Chris Bracey/Ollie Smith & John Robin

Photo Review

46245 'City of London' at Paddington (photo: Neil Dimmer)

from The John Debens' Ticket Collection.

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