30th August 1964

British Rail (N.E.R.) / R. & E.R.P.S.
Cumbrian Scenic Tour

DMU Used 51961+51968+51971+59766+59775+59768+51980+51967
Loco Used on R&ER: 7 'River Esk'

Route : 1X07 throughout (except on R&ER)

Traction Route
DMU as listed Leeds City - Bradford Forster Square
DMU as listed Bradford Forster Square - Shipley - Bingley - Keighley - Skipton - Colne - Burnley Central - Rose Grove - Accrington - Blackburn - Bamber Bridge - Preston - Lancaster - Carnforth - Ulverston - Barrow-in-Furness - Millom - Ravenglass
7 Ravenglass - Dalegarth
7 Dalegarth - Ravenglass
DMU as listed Ravenglass - Sellafield - Whitehaven - Workington - Cockermouth - Keswick - Troutbeck - Penrith (3)
DMU as listed Penrith - Shap - Tebay - Low Gill Jn - Kirkby Lonsdale - Ingleton - Clapham - Hellifield - Skipton - Keighley - Bingley - Shipley - Bradford Forster Square
DMU as listed Bradford Forster Square - Leeds City

Notes :
(1) The main train was an 8-car Trans-Pennine set specially augmented for the tour. With regards to actual timings Martin Weeks recorded that 'the booked times were kept throughout'.
(2) Martin Weeks also comments; there was time for a return trip on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. On the return the DMU stopped at Cockermouth where a Jazz Festival was taking place. They had come on a special train from Carlisle double headed by two Ivatt 2-6-0s (46458 and 46434). After a short serenade we continued along the Workington to Keswick section which closed a couple of years later and also travelled on the Low Gill to Clapham line which had closed to passenger traffic in 1954 but accommodated occasional trains until 1966. Speed on that line was kept to about 30mph.
(3) It is unclear why the timing sheet showed Penrith as a passing time as a reversal was required and definitely took place there. however Martin Weeks suspects it may have been to indicate it was not a location for intended participants to join/leave the train.

Sources : Martin Weeks (travelled on the train, John Debens & Peter Robinson

Photo Review

The DMU, during the break at Ravenglass
 (photo: Martin Weeks)

Al-fresco entertainment at Cockermouth; the train forming the backdrop
(photo: The Cumbrian Railways Association)

Timings (Booked Only)
Martin Weeks)

Location Booked
Leeds City 09.20d
Bradford Forster Square ??.??a ~ 09.45d
Shipley ??.??a ~ 09.55d
Bingley ??.??a ~ 10.00d
Keighley ??.??a ~ 10.10d
Accrington 11/00
Preston 11/30
Carnforth 12/05
Ulverston 12/35
Barrow 12/51
Ravenglass 13.33a ~ 13.40d
Dalegarth 14.15a ~ 14.40d
Ravenglass 15.25a ~ 16.05d
Workington 16/50
Cockermouth 17/11
Keswick 17.31a ~ 19.05d
Penrith 19/41
Low Gill Jn 20/09
Ingleton 20/46
Hellifield 21/07
Keighley 21.37a ~ ??.??d
Bingley 21.46a ~ ??.??d
Shipley 21.54a ~ ??.??d
Bradford Forster Square 22.02a ~ ??.??d
Leeds City 22.35a

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