13th June 1964

Liverpool University Public Transport Society
The Liverpool Suburban

Loco Used 47487
Stock Used 4 coaches (booked for BSO+SO+SO+BSO)

Route : 1T90 throughout

Loco Route
47487 Edge Hill - Engine Shed Jn - Exhibition Jn - Waterloo - Riverside (M.D.H.B. station)
47487 Riverside (M.D.H.B. station) - Waterloo - Edge Hill - Edge Hill Lane Jn - Atlantic Dock Jn - Alexandra Dock
47487 Alexandra Dock - Bootle Jn
47487 (1) 'over Bootle Jn'
47487 Bootle Jn - Bank Hall - Sandhills No.1 - North Docks
47487 North Docks - Sandhills No.1 - Kirkdale East - Walton Jn - Fazakerley Jn - Dale Lane - Exchange Sidings
47487 Exchange Sidings - Dale Lane - Fazakerley Jn - Aintree Sefton Jn - North Mersey Branch Jn - North Mersey Goods
47487 North Mersey Goods - North Mersey Branch Jn - Aintree Sefton Jn - Aintree Sefton Arms station Jn [No.3 Up Passenger Line]
47487 (1) Aintree Sefton Arms station Jn - Aintree C.L.C. Jn
47487 Aintree C.L.C. Jn - Aintree Central - Fazakerley North Jn - Fazakerley West Jn - Walton-on-the-Hill - Huskisson
47487 Huskisson - Walton-on-the-Hill - Fazakerley West Jn - Fazakerley South Jn - Halewood North Jn - Hunt's Cross West Jn - Otterspool
47487 Otterspool - Cressington - Garston Dock (L.&N.W. station) - Garston Jn - Allerton Jn - Wavertree Jn - Edge Hill

Notes :
(1) Loco propelling.
(2) The British Railways Special Notice for this trip included the following comment; 'Party to assemble at Edge Hill at 11.30am and to be conducted to Crown Street. Returning to Edge Hill to entrain'.
(3) Route confirmation required - above is from booked timings. The total itinerary was 60 miles and it was the claim of the organisers that 70% of this was over lines normally closed to regular passenger trains.

Sources : Charles Roberts (LUPTS), Mike Delamar & Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst

Photo Review

47487 runs round at Huskisson CLC goods (photo courtesy of: Nick Catford)

From Andrew Fairholm's ticket collection.

From The John Debens Ticket Collection

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Brian Read/Edwin Wilmshurst)

Location Booked Comment(s)
Edge Hill 12.30d [FL X GL] via Circular Goods
Exhibition Jn 12/37  
Waterloo (Tunnel Mouth) 12/41  
Riverside (M.D.H.B. Station) 12.55a ~ 13.15d Engine run-round train
Waterloo (Tunnel Mouth) 13/30  
Edge Hill 13x33 SL
Edge Hill Lane Jn 13/36  
Atlantic Dock Jn 13/50  
Alexandra Dock 13.55a ~ 14.15d Engine run-round train
Bootle Jn [SL] 14.20 ~ 14x23 [FL] Propel over junction
Bank Hall 14/25  
Sandhills No.1 14x27 [GL]  
North Docks 14.37a ~ 15.00d [GL] Engine run-round train
Sandhills No.1 15x10 [SL]  
Kirkdale East 15x17 [FL]  
Walton Jn 15/24  
Fazakerley Jn 15/30  
Dale Lane 15/37  
Exchange Sidings 15.40a ~ 16.10d Engine run-round train
Dale Lane 16/13  
Fazakerley Jn 16/18  
Aintree Sefton Jn 16/25  
North Mersey Branch Jn 16/28  
North Mersey Goods 16.32a ~ 16.40d Engine run-round train
Aintree Sefton Jn 16/46  
Aintree S.S. Station Jn (No.3 Up Passenger Line) 16.53a ~ 17.01d Engine run-round train. Propel
Aintree C.L.C. Jn 17.06 ~ 17.08  
Aintree Central 17/10  
Fazakerley North Jn 17/13  
Fazakerley West Jn 17/16  
Huskisson 17.22a ~ 17.37d Engine run-round train
Walton-on-the-Hill 17.42a ~ 17.50d  
Fazakerley West Jn 17/55  
Fazakerley South Jn 17/58  
Halewood North Jn 18/08  
Hunt's Cross West Jn 18/14  
Otterspool 18.22a ~ 18.38d Engine run-round train
Garston Dock (L.&N.W. station) 18.56a ~ 19.01d  
Garston Jn 19/06  
Allerton Jn 19/09  
Wavertree Jn 19/16 [SL]  
Edge Hill 19.19a  

Associated E.C.S. & Light Engine Workings

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Edge Hill Down Carriage Sidings 12.10d 19.33a
Edge Hill 12.18a 19.28d

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