?2nd - 6th? March 1964

(Beatles Filming Special)

Locos Used at least D6336
Stock Used 5 coaches

Route : 1Z48 (?throughout?)

Date Loco(s) Route
02/03 ????? London Paddington - ???
02/03 ????? ??? - Acton Main Line (2) - ?London Paddington?
03/03 ????? ?Minehead? - West Ealing (3) - ?London Paddington?
04/03 ????? ?Minehead? - Westbourne Park (4) - ?London Paddington?
05/03 ????? ?Minehead? - Westbourne Park (4) - ?London Paddington?
?06/03? D6336 ??? - Bishops Nympton & Molland - ???

Notes :
(1) Route & loco confirmation required. Other contemporary sources detail a special train that left London Paddington on 2nd March 1964, bound for Minehead, it is presumed this is all part of train/special working. Filming was for the Beatles film "A Hard Day's Night". It may be the train travelled out to Minehead daily, but confirmation is required.
(2) Beatles left the train at Acton Main Line to avoid fans waiting at Paddington.
(3) Beatles left the train at West Ealing to avoid fans waiting at Paddington but are reported to have signed autographs during a session in the Booking Office.
(4) Beatles left the train at Westbourne Park, presumably to avoid fans waiting at Paddington.
(5) Adrian Vaughan comments: I was on duty at Challow on 2pm-10pm shift all the week in March 1964 when the Beatles train was running. It was Hymek hauled. On the Friday evening, around 5pm a group of various aged people had gathered on the station and the porter rang me to ask what I could do to assist these locals to see the Beatles. Curiously enough when I cam to pull off for the train I found I had a track circuit failure ahead of No.3 and so I had to stop the train at the box and instruct the driver to pass No.3 at Danger. The crowd on the station was 50 yards away. He gave me a VERY long look and set off. But none of us saw anything because lights had been rigged inside the Beatles carriage so you couldn't see in.

Sources : various including Chris Harley

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