14th September 1963

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The Chiltern

Locos Used at least 6111, GWR Pannier Tank & 42105
Stock Used 4 coaches (all ex-GWR)

Route :

Loco Route
6111 Oxford Rewley Road - Oxford Road Jn - Islip - Bicester London Road
6111 Bicester London Road - Islip - Oxford Road Jn - Yarnton - Kingham - Chipping Norton
6111 Chipping Norton - Kingham
6111 Kingham - Moreton-in-Marsh - Honeybourne South Loop Jn - Honeybourne East Jn - Long Marston - Stratford-upon-Avon (S&MJR) - Kineton - Fenny Compton - Banbury - Kings Sutton - Hook Norton
6111 Hook Norton - Kings Sutton - Banbury General
6111 (1) Banbury General - GW/LM boundary (2)
42105 GW/LM boundary - Cockley Brake Jn - Brackley - Buckingham - Verney Junction (3)
42105 (1) Verney Junction - [LC just north of] Winslow Road
42105 [LC just north of] Winslow Road - Verney Junction - Claydon LNE Jn - Calvert Jn - Grendon Underwood Jn - Ashendon Jn - Princes Risborough
GWR Pannier Tank Princes Risborough - Chinnor
GWR Pannier Tank Chinnor - Princes Risborough
????? (4) Princes Risborough - Thame - Wheatley - Kennington Jn - Oxford

Note :
(1) Loco propelling.
(2) The timing sheet suggests the train was due to run between Banbury General and Merton Street stations (which would involve a reversal) however David Pearson confirms that the train did not visit Merton Street terminal station after departing from General station and this is further confirmed by
Peter Fleming, who adds regarding the loco change: The changeover took place on LMS metals, almost as soon as they were reached, close to a signalbox.
(3) On arrival at Verney Junction the loco ran round (as the layout at that time demanded, going via Winslow to achieve this) then propelled the train to the level crossing just north of the former Winslow Road station.
The track on this line had been retained for long term carriage storage and one track had been cleared - David Manders comments that he thinks the train had a 5 or 10 mph speed restriction.
(4) A loco change was booked to take place at Princes Risborough, but confirmation to what is required.
(5) Originally uploaded with the name 'Chiltern Hundred' but since corrected by David Pearson.

Sources : Terry Dorrity, David Manders, David Pearson & Peter Fleming

Photo Review

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.
Note incorrect station name - Oxford Beverley
Road should read Oxford Rewley Road

6111 takes on water at Stratford Old Station (photo: David Pearson)

6111 passes Clifford Sidings SB at Stratford-upon-Avon (photo: Terry Dorrity)

6111 passes Fenny Compton signal box (photo: David Pearson)

6111 on arrival into Hook Norton, then end of line (photo: David Pearson)

6111 draws onto the viaduct at Hook Norton, to run round (photo: David Pearson)

Traversing the 'GW & LNW Joint' connection at Banbury. It appears the
train is being propelled towards the former LNW line (by 6111?) but did it
then reverse and go to Merton Street, or change locos to the LMS 2-6-4T
once on the ex-LMW tracks and head off to Princes Risborough?
(photo: David Pearson)

An unlikely bird surveying the remains of the station garden at Verney
 Junction with the unidentified ex LMS 2-6-4T (photo: David Pearson)

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Pearson & John Debens)

Location (as given in ticket letter) Booked
Oxford Rewley Road as booked 10.15d
Oxford North Jn ? 10/17
Banbury Road Jn ? 10/23
Islip as booked 10/28
Bicester London Road as booked 10.38a ~ 10.48d
Islip as booked 10/59
Banbury Road Jn ? 11/05
Yarnton Jn as booked 11.15a ~ 11.35d
Kingham as booked 12.00a ~ 12.10d
Chipping Norton as booked 12.25a ~ 12.45d
Kingham as booked 13.00a ~ 13.40d
Moreton-in-Marsh ? 13/53
Honeybourne South Loop as booked 14/05
Honeybourne East Loop as booked 14/12
Long Marston as booked 14.20a ~ 14.30d
Race Course Jn ? 14/36
Stratford Old Town (SMJ) as booked 14.38a ~ 14.45d
Clifford Sidings ? 14/50
Kineton ? 15.12a ~ 15.22d
Burton Bassett ? 15/32
Fenny Compton 15/41 15/41
Banbury General as booked 15.57a ~ 16.05d
Kings Sutton Jn ? 16/11
Adderbury ? 16/16
Hook Norton as booked 16.30a ~ 16.42d
Adderbury ? 16/55
Kings Sutton Jn ? 17/00
Banbury General as booked 17.06a ~ 17.20d
Banbury Merton Street as booked 17.30a ~ 17.40d
Verney Junction 18.50a ~ 19.15d 18.50a ~ 19.00d
Winslow Road ? 19.08a ~ 19.13d
Verney Junction ? 19.20a ~ 19.35d
Claydon L&NE Jn ? 19/45
Calvert ? 19/46
Grendon Underwood Jn ? 19/50
Ashendon Jn ? 20/00
Princes Risborough 19.58a ~ 20.08d 20.17a ~ 20.37d
Chinnor 20.22a ~ 20.32d 20.52a ~ 21.07d
Princes Risborough ??.??a ~ 20.50d 21.22a ~ 21.40d
Wheatley ? 22/09
Morris Cowley ? 22/16
Kennington Jn ? 22/21
Thame 21/09 -
Oxford 21.38a 22.25a

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