30th March 1963

R.C.T.S. (London Branch)
Silvertown Tramway Rail Tour

Loco Used D4192
Stock Used 9 brake vans

Route :

Loco Route
D4192 Stratford (Low Level) - Stratford Southern Jn - (via goods line) - Thames Wharf Jn - North Woolwich (2)
D4192 North Woolwich - (via goods line) - Silvertown - Silvertown Tramway (End of Line)
D4192 (3) Silvertown Tramway (End of Line) - Silvertown
D4192 Silvertown - Thames Wharf Jn
D4192 (3) Thames Wharf Jn - Thames Wharf Yard (site of old tramway)
D4192 Thames Wharf Yard (site of old tramway) - Thames Wharf Jn - (via goods line) - Stratford Southern Jn - Stratford (Low Level)

Notes :
This tour was organised because of the failure of the East London No.3 Rail Tour of 6 October 1962 to travel the full length of the Silvertown Tramway or to go all the way into Thames Wharf yard.
(2) David Pearson comments: The times quoted in the itinerary show the tour as reversing in North Woolwich Goods Yard with a change of engine. This did not happen. The train ran into the passenger station and the loco ran round.
(3) Loco propelling.

Sources : David Hills (compiled from contemporary reports), Rodger Green & David Pearson

Photo Review

D4192 reversing at North Woolwich (photo: David Pearson)

...and at the end of the Silvertown Tramway (photo: David Pearson)

David Pearson's ticket.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Rodger Green)

M.C Location Booked
0.00 Stratford (Low Level) 13.28d
0.13 Stratford Southern Jn 13/31
2.22 Thames Wharf Jn 13/50
4.11 Silvertown 14/00
4.73 North Woolwich Goods Yard 14L07a ~ 14L17d
5.55 Silvertown 14/25
7.08 Silvertown Tramway (EoL) 14.55a ~ 15.05d
8.41 Silvertown 15.35a ~ 15.45d
10.30 Thames Wharf Jn 15.57a ~ 16.00d
10.73 Thames Wharf Yard (site of old tramway) 16.15a ~ 16.25d
11.36 Thames Wharf Jn 16/40
13.45 Stratford Southern Jn 16/58
13.58 Stratford (Low Level) 17.00a

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