16th March 1963

Branch Line Society
Clifton Hall Special

Locos Used 47378
Stock used 3x fitted Brake Vans

Route : 2Z10 throughout

Loco Route
47378 08.45d Patricroft - Eccles (pu) - Weaste Jn - Weaste Gate (2)
47378 (3) Weaste Gate - Weaste Jn - Eccles - via goods line - Barton Moss Jn - Astley Moss Sidings
47378 Astley Moss Sidings - (via west curve) - Astley Moss Exchange Sidings (4)
47378 ?(3)? Astley Moss Exchange Sidings - (via east curve) - Patricroft - Clifton Hall branch (5)
47378 Clifton Hall branch - Patricroft
47378 ?(3)? Patricroft - Eccles
47378 Eccles - (via Eccles Loop) - Sandersons Sidings (6)
47378 ?(3)? Sandersons Sidings - NCB boundary
47378 NCB boundary -Sandersons Sidings
47378 ?(3)? Sandersons Sidings - Eccles
47378 Eccles - Patricroft

(1) The details of this tour have been taken from the May 1963 issue of Branch Line News with the permission of the present editor. Locations above are as given in the report.
(2) Weaste Gate is described as an interchange point with the Manchester Ship Canal.
(3) Loco propelling. Derek Woodward comments; the report only mentions propelling on this one leg of the tour, but does not refer to running round at any point. It is likely that the train was propelled on alternate legs of the tour. Certainly, it would have to have been propelled in one direction on the Clifton Hall branch.
(4) Confusingly, the location given in the report as Astley Moss Sidings is known as Astley Green Sidings in the Sectional Appendix for 1960.
(5) The reversal point on the Clifton Hall branch is described as Park Road, which was then the end of the line. This was about one mile from Patricroft station.
(6) Sanderson's Sidings were between Worsley and Roe Green Jn.

Source : Derek Woodward (with permission from editor of BL News)

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