30th January 1963

R.C.T.S. (West Riding Branch)
(Brake-Van Trips: Masham Branch)

Did this train run? Information taken from letter sent to trip participant.

Loco(s) Used ?????

Route :

Loco(s) Route
????? Ripon - Malmerby - Tanfield - Masham
????? Masham - (reverse of outward route) - Ripon

Notes :
(1) Route & loco confirmation required. All details have been taken from a letter sent to a trip participant. The participants were advised to travel to Ripon on a 'diesel' service train from Leeds City, timings for this and the anticipated return service train to Leeds are given in the timings section below. This trip was limited to 13 persons and was reported as heavily over-subscribed with a large waiting list. Although the letter described trips  as plural this is believed to relate to there being a regular series of R.C.T.S. organised brake-van trips in different locations rather than suggesting multiple trips were made over the same branch on this date.

Sources : John Debens & Neil Boardwell

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Debens
& Neil Boardwell)

Brake Van Trip

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Ripon 12.30d ??.??a

Suggested Service Trains

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Leeds City 11.20d 17.42a
Wetherby - ?
Harrogate ??.??a ~ 11.50d 16.58a ~ ?.??d
Ripon 12.04a 16.42d

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