5th January 1963

The Locomotive Club of Great Britain (North West Branch)
Werneth Incline Rail Tour

Locos Used 48546 & 90656
Stock Used at least 6 freight brake vans

Route : 8Z40 (throughout?)

Loco(s) Route
48546 (1) Middleton Junction - Oldham Werneth - Oldham Mumps Down Loop
48546 Oldham Mumps Down Loop - Oldham Werneth - Middleton Junction
48546 Middleton Junction - Chadderton Yard
48546 Chadderton Yard - Middleton Junction

Notes :
(1) This tour ran in the depth of one of the worst winters of the century, and the initial section was up a gradient of around 1 in 27. As a result the loco could not get a grip on the icy rail, despite many efforts at hand sanding in front of it. Eventually assistance (in the form of 90656) was called for to bank the train up as far as Oldham Werneth.

Source : Kevin Driscoll

Photo Review

48546 preparing to face the icy conditions as it leaves Middleton Junction
for Chadderton Yard (photo: The John Debens Collection)

From The John Debens Ticket Collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Kevin Driscoll)

M.C Location Booked
0.00 Middleton Junction 10.30d
1.63 Oldham Werneth 10/44
2.75 Oldham Mumps Down Loop 10.50a ~ 11.08d
4.07 Oldham Werneth 11/15
5.70 Middleton Junction 11.25a ~ 11.40d
6.58 Chadderton Yard 11.50a ~ 12.05d
7.47 Middleton Junction 12.15a

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