22nd September 1962

South Beds Locomotive Club
The Banburian

Loco Used 48930
Stock Used 6x BR mark 1's

Route : 1X68 throughout

Loco Route
48930 Luton Bute Street - Dunstable Town - Leighton Buzzard - (1) Bletchley South Jn - Flyover West Jn (1) - Swanbourne - Winslow - Verney Junction - Buckingham - Brackley - Cockley Brake Jn - Banbury Merton Street
48930 Banbury Merton Street - (reverse of outward route) - Flyover West Jn - (via Bletchley flyover) - Denbigh Hall Jn
48930 Denbigh Hall Jn - Bletchley - Bletchley South Jn - (reverse of outward route) - Luton Bute Street

Notes :
(1) This tour traversed the curve south of Bletchley station from down side of WCML to just west of Bletchley flyover, the junction names used above are unconfirmed but have been used for consistency when describing the return routing. This curve is shown in the Col. M.H. Cobb Rail Atlas as 'closed 1960?' however this tour proves it was open at least to this date.

Sources : Robert Frise (from contemporary sources), Andrew Fairholm & David Pearson

Photo Review

Rounding the curve south of Bletchley station, taking the train from the
WCML onto the line towards Verney Junction (photo: David Pearson)

48930 pauses at Winslow (photo: David Pearson)

Another pause, this one at Fulwell & Westbury (photo: David Pearson)

Plenty of opportunities for photos, here's Brackley (photo: David Pearson)

Two final photos, both at Banbury Merton Street (photo: David Pearson)

From Andrew Fairholms ticket collection.

Timings (Booked Only)
(from David Pearson)

Location Booked (out) Booked (rtn)
Luton Bute Street 14.00d 20.26a
Dunstable Town 14/12 20.09a ~ 20.12d
Dunstable North 14/19 20.01a ~ 20.03d
Leighton Buzzard 14/36 19.45a ~ 19.47d
Denbigh Hall Jn - ??.?? ~ ??.??
Bletchley (flyover) - 19/17
Buckingham 15.32a ~ 15.42d ?
Fulwell & Westbury 16.00a ~ 16.10d ?
Brackley 16.21a ~ 16.31d ?
Farthinghoe 16.51a ~ 17.01d ?
Banbury Merton Street 17.15a 18.00d

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