23rd July 1961

The Railway Enthusiasts' Club
The North Lindseyman

Tour cancelled due to insufficient support.

Booked Traction 2-car DMU

Route :

Advertised Traction Advertised Route
DMU as listed Doncaster - Potteric Carr - Low Ellers Jn
DMU as listed Low Ellers Jn - Kirk Sandall Jn - Thorne Jn - Canal Jn - Keadby
DMU as listed Keadby - Canal Jn
DMU as listed Canal Jn - Gunhouse Jn
DMU as listed Gunhouse Jn - Gunhouse Wharf
DMU as listed Gunhouse Wharf - Trent Jn
DMU as listed Trent Jn - Winterton
DMU as listed Winterton - Trent Jn - Wrawby Jn - Barnetby - Brocklesby - Marsh East Jn - Grimsby Town - Garden Street Jn - Pasture Street Jn - Grimsby Docks - Grimsby Pier
DMU as listed Grimsby Pier - (reverse of outward route) - Marsh East Jn - Marsh North Jn - Immingham East Jn
DMU as listed Immingham East Jn - Immingham Dock - Immingham West Jn - Killingholme Halt - Goxhill - New Holland - Barton-on-Humber
DMU as listed Barton-on-Humber - New Holland - Goxhill - Killingholme Halt - Immingham West Jn - Ulceby - Brocklesby - Barnetby - Wrawby Jn - Gunhouse Jn - Canal Jn - Thorne Jn - Kirk Sandall Jn - Doncaster

Notes :
(1) It has been suggested by some that this tour was postponed and ran instead on 21st April 1963 however a letter seen by the Webmaster confirms that prospective passengers for this tour were informed that it had been cancelled due to insufficient numbers and cheques were returned un-cashed. It appears the postponement suggestion may stem from the fact that it  has been suggested that the original tour tickets were employed in 1963 (though passengers on that date had also to be in possession of another more basic ticket dated for the 1963 running date).

Sources : Trevor Machell & John Debens

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Doncaster (10.50d) (18.10a)

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