7th May 1961

Stephenson Locomotive Society (North Eastern Area)
Inland Waterways Cruise

Did this outing take place - details taken from pre-trip advertising.

Route :

Advertised Traction Route
'West Riding' Bus

Infirmary Street, Leeds - Wakefield, Navigation Yard

MV 'Water Prince' Wakefield, Navigation Yard - Selby, River Ouse Lock
'West Riding' Bus Selby, Station Road - Leeds, Infirmary Street

Notes :
(1) As this advertised outing does not actually include any railways it strictly does not qualify for inclusion on this Website, however it has been recorded for posterity as it was organised by a recognised railtour organiser. The cruise was to be made on British Waterways Luxury Motor Vessel 'Water Prince' which had comfortable seating and all-weather accomodation for over 50 passengers. The 7 hour cruise was by river and canal via the rivers Aire and Calder and the Air and Calder Canal and Selby Canal...a total distance of about 30 miles by water.

Source : John Debens

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Infirmary Street, Leeds
(outside Yorkshire Bank, next to GPO)
10.15d 20.15a
Wakefield, Navigation Yard
(Barnsley Road)
10.45a ~ 11.00d -
Selby, River Ouse Lock (18.30a) -
Selby, Station Road - 19.20d

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