3rd April 1961

British Railways (North Eastern Region)
Day Excursions to Grassington

Did these excursions take place - details taken from pre-trip advertising.

Route :

Traction Route

Huddersfield - Deighton Jn - Heaton Lodge Jn - Mirfield - Dewsbury Wellington Road - Batley - Morley Low - ??? - Leeds City

??? Leeds City - Apperley Jn - Bingley - Keighley - Skipton
??? Skipton - Embsay Jn - Rylstone - Grassington
??? Grassington - (reverse of outward route) - Skipton
??? Skipton - (reverse of outward route) - Leeds City
??? Leeds City - (reverse of outward route) - Huddersfield

Route :

Traction Route

Bradford Forster Square - Shipley - Baildon - Guiseley - Ilkley - Bolton Abbey - Embsay Jn - Grassington

??? Grassington - (reverse of outward route) - Bradford Forster Square

Notes :
(1) Advertising leaflet contained the footnote: 'To enable passengers to take the most interesting walk from Grassington to Bolton Abbey (about 10 miles through the choicest scenery in Wharfdale) passengers for Ilkley, Gusieley, Shipley, Bradford Forster Square and Leeds City may return from Bolton Abbey by [the following] service trains'. A listing of the service trains is given in the timing section for completeness.

Source : John Debens

Timings (Advertised Only)
(from John Debens)

Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Huddersfield 08.45d 20.18a
Dewsbury Wellington Road 09.06d 19.52a
Batley 09.13d 19.48a
Morley Low 09.20d 19.39a
Leeds City 09.31d 19.19a
Bingley 10.04d 18.53a
Keighley 10.12d 18.45a
Grassington 11.05a 17.55d


Location Advertised (out) Advertised (rtn)
Bradford Forster Square 09.05d 19.49a
Shipley 09.15d 19.40a
Guiseley 09.35d 19.31a
Ilkley 09.45d 19.17a
Grassington 10.37a 18.30d

Service Trains:

Location Booked Booked Booked Booked Booked Booked
Bolton Abbey 17.51d 18.30d 18.45d 19.14d 19.50d 20.20d
Ilkley 18.01a 18.40a 19.00a 19.30a 20.00a 20.30a
Guiseley 18.16a 18.54a - 19.44a 20.14a 20.44a
Shipley - 19.01a - 19.51a - 20.51a
Bradford Forster Square - 19.09a - 19.58a - 21.01a
Leeds City 18.37a - 19.40a - 20.35a -

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