9th April 1960

R.C.T.S. (West Riding Branch)
Hepworth Iron Company Railtour

Loco Used 'Hepworth' (Yorkshire Engine Co. 799/1905)
Stock Used 5x BR open 'Shock' wagons

Route :

Loco Route
'Hepworth' Crow Edge - Hazlehead Bridge
'Hepworth' Hazlehead Bridge - (reverse of outward route) - Crow Edge

Notes :
(1) Distance travelled was 1.5 miles each way on Hepworth Iron Co. railway which was laid in he 1860s to connect the works with the M.S.& L. Railway between Penistone and Dunford Bridge. The route, though short, climbed at 1 in 25 out of the Don valley, and passed through a tunnel about 450 yards long.  It closed in August 1960. Tour participants were to arrive into Penistone by specific service trains from various locations and from there to the works a special road coach was laid on.

'Hepworth' and its train of more than 100 passengers at the summit of the
 line in Crow Edge village. The works is over the ridge in the background.
(photo: Mike Swift)

Source : Mike Swift

Timings (Booked Only)
(from John Debens)

Transport From Booked To Booked
Train Huddersfield 12.42d Penistone 13.15a
Train Bradford 12.00d Penistone 13.15a
Train Leeds 11.35d Penistone 13.15a
Train Sheffield 12.55d Penistone 13.10a
Coach Penistone 13.20d Crow Edge 13.35a (approx)
Train Manchester 12.22d Penistone 13.22a
Train Huddersfield 13.26d Penistone 14.00a
Train Bradford 12.35d Penistone 14.00a
Train Leeds 12.15d Penistone 14.00a
Coach Penistone 14.05d Crow Edge 14.20a (approx)
Train Crow Edge 14.45d (approx) Hazlehead Bridge ??.??a
Train Hazlehead Bridge ??.??d Crow Edge 16.00a (approx)
Coach Crow Edge 16.20d Penistone 16.35a (approx)
Train Penistone 16.44d Sheffield 16.58a
Train Penistone 16.59d Manchester 18.01a
Train Penistone 17.15d Huddersfield 17.43a
Train Penistone 17.15d Bradford 18.29d
Train Penistone 17.15d Leeds 18.43a
Coach Crow Edge 17.00d Penistone 17.15a (approx)
Train Penistone 17.38d Sheffield 17.51d
Train Penistone 17.47d Manchester 18.50a
Train Penistone 18.00d Huddersfield 18.28a
Train Penistone 18.00d Bradford 19.10a
Train Penistone 18.00d Leeds 19.17a

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