6th June 1959

? Northern Rubber ?

Loco Used D201

Route :

Loco Route
D201 London Marylebone - Aylesbury - Nottingham Victoria - Retford
D201 Retford - ??? - London Marylebone

Notes :
(1) This excursion included an observation car and was probably the first English Electric Type 4 to travel over much of this Great Central route.
(2) Originally uploaded as having been organised by British Rail and run from London Marylebone to Retford and back however other sources suggest this was a Northern Rubber-organised excursion; who's HQ was in Retford. It is therefore questioned if this trip was in fact from Retford to London and back? Also, though may be unrelated, is the reservation label supplied by John Debens which suggests the L.C.G.B. had reserved accomodation on the 22.45 service train from Marylebone to Manchester; was this being used to get L.C.G.B. members back north after participating in this trip?

From The John Debens Collection; does this relate to this trip?

Sources : David Hills (compiled from contemporary reports) & John Debens

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